Trademark Registrer Worldwide

How to registrer international trademark

Registrer International Trademark Process

A trademark is a "brand name" for your business, containing a short phrase and usually a logo that sets your company apart from others. A service mark functions the same way as a trademark, for a service business. However, if you do business internationally, you may decide it's a good idea to register your trademark or service mark through the international trademark registration service.

International Trademark Search

A trademark search is a report on the chances a trademark has of successfully registering. This is based on a search of previously filed or registered trademarks and an analysis of the trademark according to the jurisdiction’s criteria for approving trademark applications. While the search is optional, it is a highly-recommended stage in the process, potentially preventing obstacles and disappointments down the road.

Worldwide Trademark Registration

Registering in every country is an almost impossible task—especially if you are doing business online. It is difficult to know ahead of time which countries the people shopping at your site come from. Having said that, though, there are ways to register your trademark internationally without having to go through the process of registering with individual countries.

Industrial Design Registration

The protection of industrial designs, except for rare cases like the case of registered Community designs, is limited to the granting country.Generally, once granted, the protection is valid for a period of 5 years, renewable for periods up to 15 years in most cases (in Spain and the European Union for example are 25 years).